• Ofri Kaufman

Why Do We Need Clothes?

The definition of clothes is "garments for the body; articles of dress; wearing apparel".

 But,why do we need them? Here are a few good reasons why do we need clothes and what is their importance:

First impression, is determined by your appearance- which most of it complicated by your clothes. In my opinion, clothes should reflect a combination of who you are and who would you like to be.

You should dress according to the places you want to highlight on your body. If you want to highlight your hips, wear a belt / high jeans or tight shirt. If you want to highlight your face wear a shirt/dress, in the same color of your eyes or the same family color.

First impression is very important, especially when you want to make a good one. Like going to a job interview, first day at work/school/university and etc...

Here's an example: How to dress for a job interview? When choosing an outfit for a job interview, it's important to not wear distracting colors like yellow, orange, marker colors, too bright colors or sparkles. Take into account, that the clothes you should wear depending on the type of job you attend. For example, if the work place's dress code is elegant, you should dress accordingly.

Secondly, clothes keep you warm, especially in the winter! You can dress in layers and still be stylish. Now in winter, I usually wear a thermal shirt under a golf shirt to keep me warm. Then a sweater or a blazer and on top of that my coat with warm pants and boots!

Also, clothes give you the chance to be creative and re-invent yourself.

Play with your clothes and make new outfits from the same clothes!

Ask yourself who you want to be and what you want to present. Then dress like it.

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