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Karl Lagerfeld 1933 - 2019

Karl Otto Lagerfeld (10 September 1933 – 19 February 2019) was a German creative director, fashion designer, artist, photographer, and caricaturist who lived in Paris.

He was known as the creative director of the French fashion house Chanel from 1983 until his death and was also the creative director of the Italian fashion house Fendi, and of his own fashion label.

He collaborated on a variety of fashion and art-related projects.

He has recognized for his signature white hair, black sunglasses, fingerless gloves, and high, starched, detachable collars.

Fun fact: His greatest inspiration came from French artists, he claimed to have only continued school because he wanted to learn the French language so that he could move there.

Lagerfeld career history:

Fendi (1965–2019)

Chanel (1983–2019)

Karl Lagerfeld (1984–2019)

Jean Patou (1958–1963)

Chloé (1963–1978, 1992–1997)

H&M (2004)

Hogan (2011)

Macy’s (2011)

Falabella (2017)

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