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Holiday Outfits Inspiration

Hi there!  The holidays are around the corner, which means we need to dress up!

I guess it accepted on a lot of people to dress in white clothes. Which in my opinion reflects freedom, joy, happiness, good health, clean, a time off and holidays!  

Here are some inspiration:

First outfit:

If you want to go on a basic outfit, go on a white tank and jeans – you can’t mistake that one.

I like to keep my outfits classic, elegant and vintage, because it’s more special that way. That’s why I chose a milkmaid white top and bright seasoned jeans. For accessories, I added a black belt, white sandals, and a blue pastel pale bag to add some color to the outfit.

Second outfit:

If you are more like a dresses lover, there is the perfect look for you. Milkmaid white dress and 3 stripes orange sandal heels to bump the look.For accessories, I chose gold jewellery, my favourite – flower necklace to keep the holiday vibe on and falling pearls earrings to keep the look classic and to keep the white color leading the look.

Third outfit:

In this outfit, I chose a casual flowers dress to keep this look young and classy. For the shoes, I chose body tone color and added gentle necklaces.

4th outfit: basic but classic Top and trousers which fit the common color tone with white Snickers or black slippers. Write me down below which outfit did you like the most 3> For inspiration, you can find me on Instagram, and for any questions, you can write me down below. xoxo, Ofri. 

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